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There’s no doubt about it: we are obsessed with baby’s feet! Maybe it’s their tiny toes, the compact size or the way they always smell so fresh, but many of us can’t resist giving those little feet a gentle squeeze (or cheeky nibble).

What’s just as important as caring for your little one’s feet is understanding how they develop. We’re sharing five facts about baby’s feet so you can help prevent major foot problems later down the track.

  • A baby will spend their first year or more with flat feet. They won’t develop a visible arch until they’re around two or three years of age.
  • A newborn actually doesn’t need structured shoes. Even after your baby has grown and is taking their first steps, it’s important to let them walk barefoot (provided the floor is clean and safe). This will help strengthen the muscles in their feet, as well as encourage coordination and balance.
  • In the first three years, your baby’s foot will grow rapidly. In fact, by 12 months of age, your baby’s foot size will equal half of their adult foot size. This fast growth rate means it’s essential to measure your baby’s feet every 6-8 weeks, as they won’t be able to verbalise any pain if they have any foot problems.
  • Check your baby’s toes regularly, and cut straight across to prevent ingrown toenails. Always remember to dry your baby’s feet well after every wash, paying particular attention to between their toes.
  • A baby’s foot is still mostly cartilage, even at around six months of age.
  • Now that you know a little bit about your baby’s feet, you may now understand why it’s so important to have them in the correct footwear for their growing body.

    Why does your baby need the right footwear?

    The bones in your newborn’s feet won’t be well-formed until they’re much older. As your baby is getting used to movement, it’s important to choose footwear that is flexible enough to aid natural movement without impeding soft bone cartilage, tissue or muscles. Soft-soled, leather shoes will provide your baby with the right level of protection, while still allowing your baby’s feet to develop naturally.

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