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Take toddler style to a brand new level by being bold and creative with the latest trends. We look for clothing that offers great versatility, is relaxed and comfortable and also provides scope for mixing things up. Check out our great style ideas for toddlers below and you’ll soon be fashion week ready!

  1. Striped

Striped designs are a fun style idea for toddlers and should be a part of every wardrobe. Go for black and white, colours or a combination of both to add an element of uniqueness to any outfit. You honestly can’t go wrong. We love stripes and know that you will too when you see just how cute they are on your child. Get started with ourStriped Girl's Dress here.     

  1. Spotty

Trade the stripes for some spotty designs and you’ll be in for a world of delight. Spots are a fun option for little ones who deserve to wear clothing that’s as gorgeous as they are. A spottyFreckle Jumpsuit from Huxbaby is a great way to add a sense of style to your child’s outfit. 

  1. Active

Dress to impress with an outfit that is all about being prepared for anything. Whether for sport, exploration, adventure or anything else, active clothing is definitely going to be a hit with energetic kids who love to get hands on with their surroundings. Try ourRainbow Placement Leggings if active clothing is what you need. 

  1. Plain & simple

Who said that you can’t keep things nice and basic? Our plain and simple idea works a treat and uses classic colours to steal the show. Think crisp white tee shirts and plain jeans that are easy to wear and don’t require too much effort. When it comes to simple, you can’t go wrong with one of Henley’sOrganic Tees.

  1. Casual

Keep things ultra-casual with a style choice that speaks without speaking. Toddlers naturally have their own character, and this is something that parents can show off with understated clothing. Look for relaxed wear that is stress-free and a joy to behold. Our suggestion? A pair of stapleDenim Overalls

  1. Comfort 

Style doesn’t have to be all about the visuals, well not completely. We want you to factor in the importance of comfort when dressing your toddler so that they feel great and look amazing too. Comfort is a style statement in itself and something that make everyone’s life easier. TheseBaby Moccasins will have your child walking on pillows. 

  1. Mix and match

Feel free to shake up the rules by combining all of your favourite items to create a fashion masterpiece. The best part about clothing styles for toddlers is that there’s only one rule - and that’s to have fun!

Dress your toddler in style with us  

Make sure that your toddler is happy with what they are wearing, and it’ll be smooth sailing from there. Our 7 style suggestions are a great starting point when it comes to putting together a wardrobe that looks amazing and is suitable for all types of activities.

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