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Whether you’re shopping for your own bundle, or for a friend’s new arrival, when it comes to buying baby clothes, it’s literally a whole new world (even more so, if you’ve never had a baby before). What do all those zeros actually mean? How do you know what size baby will be? And the list goes on and on! That’s why we’ve put together the size guide for buying baby clothes. Happy shopping!

Size 00000  Age:premature  Weight:2kgs

For teeny, tiny and premature babies, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to buy this size for a full-term baby.

Size 0000  Age:newborn  Weight:3kgs

Size 0000 is for newborns (around 3kgs). Remember, babies grow quickly, so don’t go too crazy stocking up and removing tags in this size before your baby is born.Rompers are an absolute must-have at this age (the  Milky  range is divine). 


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Size 000  Age:up to 3 months Weight:6kgs


For babies up to three months of age (around 6kgs). If you’re buying clothes as a gift for a new baby, this is generally a guaranteed safe bet for the size to buy. Even if too big for a newborn, chances are they’ll be in it within a couple of months.Rompers  and  onesies  with snaps for easy nappy changes continue to be a wardrobe staple.

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Size 00  Age: 3 – 6 months Weight: 8kgs

Size 00 is for babies around three to six months of age (around 8kgs). You’ll probably require a bit more of a variety in this size, as baby will be beginning to explore and make a mess with rolling, commando crawling, crawling and the introduction of solids.

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Size 0  Age: 6 – 12months  Weight:10kgs

For babies between six and 12 months old (around 10kgs). Generally, this is the easiest size to find, as it’s fairly standard across the board. Clothing in this size, will get a good workout, as baby discovers the joys of crawling, eating (including self-feeding) and walking. Think comfy and durable clothing, our top pick for this age is  Buck and Baa.


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Size 1  Age: 12 – 18 months  Weight: 12kgs

Size one clothing is for babies around 12 months of age. Soon to be saying goodbye to crawling and hello to walking, torn and dirty knees will be a thing of the past. Which means, now is the perfect age for  skirts and  dresses too!

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Size 2 Age:18 – 24 months Weight: 14kgs

For most brands, this is the largest baby-specific size and designed for ages 18 to 24 months (around 14kgs). By this stage, these little babies are well on their way to the joys of toddlerhood and developing their own sense of style.

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Top tip: Remember,baby clothingcan vary from brand to brand, so be sure to check out the individual size guides and measurements if they're available too.