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The beach edit.

Nothing screams summer is here more than a day at the beach (and of course an ice-cream). We’ve put together our top ten beach activities for kids to keep them entertained all-day long.

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Hit the beach in style.

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10 fun beach activities for kids

Once the kids look the part, it's time for some fun! Below is some great little activities to do at the beach. 

1. Have a beach scavenger hunt

Put together a list of interesting things to find at the beach, i.e. seaweed, a white shell, a spotted shell, a smooth stone, etc. Set the timer and let the kids go hunting.

 2. Seashell races

Have everyone find their own seashell and then line their shell right at the water’s edge where the waves lap up. When the waves come in and hit the shells, whoever has the shell that moves the furthest is the winner.

 3. Paint rocks

Perfect for the older kids! With rock painting the latest craze, why not take it to the shore. Pack a couple of sharpies and have the kids find some flat rocks to paint and hide for another family to find.

 4. Build a mermaid

Time to get creative! Have the kids build a mermaid in the sand and collect shells, sticks and seaweed to decorate.

 5. Fly a kite

Fun and relaxing, the beach is the perfect place to fly a kite, so don’t forget to add to the beach bag. Diamond shape kites work best for beginners.

 6. Take a frisbee or beach ball

More than just throwing and catching, the games are endless with a frisbee or beach ball. From dodgeball to relays, to kick and chase and frisbee water races, let the games begin!

 7. Collect seashells for a necklace

Get a bucket and go on a seashell hunt on the sand. Look for the ones with holes in them, which are perfect for getting crafty back home and making a seashell necklace.

 8. Jump the waves

Nothing beats jumping the waves. Added bonus, the action-packed fun is sure to tire them out for later too.

 9. Play hopscotch

Draw up a grid in the sand with a stick, grab some shells as the markers and get ready to hop, hop, hop away! If the sand is hot, don’t forget to slip on some shoes.

10. Build sandcastles

A true classic! Building sandcastles really is possibly the easiest beach activity around, no matter the age of your child. Great sensory fun, a day at the beach just isn’t complete without a sandcastle.


Top beach tip:

Pack the baby or talcum powder. When it’s time to head home, this stuff works wonders with getting rid of the wet sand. Just sprinkle on sandy feet, toes, hands or wherever and give it a little rub. Voila!


Now have fun and if you try any of the activities please let us know how it went with your tribe!