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If your sister, best friend or close cousin recently had a baby boy, we think a congratulation is in order. It’s an exciting time for everyone, and you’ll no doubt want to visit the baby once everyone has settled in and is back at home.

However, when you first visit the newborn and proud parents, you can’t show up empty-handed. While a bottle of bubbly is great for mum and dad, just what do you get the little bub? Not to fret - at Baby Bootique, we’ve got you sorted.

No doubt they’ll be spoilt by their grandparents and other family members in the latest clothes, so think outside the box with these cute baby accessories. We’ve got a range of cute and practical gift ideas for the baby boy that will suit any budget.

4 great baby boy gifts

Except for onesies, socks and other items of clothing, we’ve listed the most popular gift ideas for newborn boys below.

  1. Baby wrap:The perfect gift for a newborn, baby wraps will make them feel secure, snug and warm. Envelop him in muslin, rayon and other luxurious, soft materials that feature adorable designs. Our top picks: Baby Wrap Sands and Bam Organic Muslin Wrap.

  2. Bib:As newborn babies drool uncontrollably, make a mess, and soil themselves constantly, they’ll need more outfit changes in one day than Lady Gaga at the 2019 Met Gala! Buying a bib is a thoughtful gift that baby will also appreciate (damp tops from dribble are very uncomfortable for the little one). We love the Raw Howdy Bib featuring triangles, as well as the Raw Round Bib Semi with Wooden Teether.

  3. Beanie:If they’re a winter baby, they’ll no doubt need to brave the cold weather. Gift the bub a cute beanie that will keep their head warm as well as look stylish. You can choose a plain design like our Paradise Beanie in pink or with something a bit extra like our Fawne Beanie in mustard that features long side ties.

  4. Teething toys: While most babies start teething at 4-6 months, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with giving them a little gift they’ll need later on – especially when our comforters and teething toys are this cute! Soothe the teething baby with our raw beechwood and detachable toy that creates a soft sound when shaken.

Your online destination for newborn boy gift ideas

Having had three of our own little blessings, we like to think we know a thing or two about what the new parents want for their baby boy. They are sure to appreciate pieces from our latest collection of newborn baby clothes and accessories that will make the bub look stylish as well as feel comfortable all day.

Shop online at Baby Bootique for newborn boy gift ideas. We offer free shipping across Australia for orders over $100.