February 25, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

Little humans really are bundles of joy and what better way to celebrate their joyous arrival than with functional gifts that’ll shape the narrative or their first year. From toys that’ll accompany them on their adventures to clothing items that’ll be commemorated in photos, we think these are some great gift ideas for the arrival of a beautiful little girl. 

A Sun smart Tot: 

The newborn may be kept indoors for her first few months, but before you know it, she’ll be going on adventure picnics in the wild outdoors. While she’s pulling grass and catching butterflies, make sure that she’s 100% sun smart with a hat that’s super cute. 

We recommend a bucket hat that will stay but also leave bub looking bloody adorable at the same time. Our Doggie Infant Hat will no doubt be a favourite for her and for the adoring strangers who see her in it on her daily pram outings.

Dressed to Impress: 

We hate it when our kids grow up too quickly but we LOVE dressing them up like adults. It’s a paradox that makes for adorable and hilarious photos. That’s why we can think of no better baby garments than these great slogan t-shirts. Not only are they warm and functional for cooler days, but they’re great for a laugh whenever a newborn babe wears them. 

For more musical babies, we like the Mosh Pit Tee. For babies who look like they mean business, we recommend the Security Sweater Tee

Best Foot Forward: 

Cute, chubby legs. Yep, let’s be honest. One of the best things about babies is that they get the fattest legs that demand a good squeeze. Better yet, once you strap on a fancy shoe, every roll seems to be magically accentuated. We think these shoes have magic powers in making a baby girl look even cuter (if that’s even possible).

For a hot summer's day, a sandal like the Tropically Baby Sandals in this metallic hue is a sure winner. The colour goes with any outfit and is a bright cheery option for the beach or a stroll in the garden.

For a day out and about that requires more protection, we’d recommend the Woody Baby Shoe in white. Whether you’re in the city or at a fairy party, these shoes will match with all outfits and help bubba put her best foot forward, no matter the occasion. 

Baby Got Bank!

Nothing looks better on a bald baby girl than a cute headband. We’re not sure how but it's a scientific fact. We’ve chosen the hairband of hairbands: the Rosette Headband. This polka-dotted piece will have everyone gushing over the precious baby’s head. May this be the first of many hairbands that she receives!

If you’re keen to find out what other gifts are available for the arrival of a beautiful baby girl, shop our collection of carefully curated items for inspiration. We’ve got a whole host of things that’ll make baby’s day and wardrobe here at Baby Bootique.