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Winter is almost here, and boy it’s getting cold outside. Although tempting to stay indoors under the blankets, avoid cabin fever with our favourite outdoor winter activities for kids. Added bonus, they won’t cost a thing and a daily dose of fresh air has reportedly been linked to better sleep at night for young and old. With that said, it’s time to rug up and get ready for some fun! 


Make frozen bubbles

This is for all of you who live where it gets very cold!

Bring out your inner Einstein with this experiment and blow bubbles that turn into ice. All you need is your regular bubble solution or a homemade solution made of one part water, four parts dishwashing soap and a dash of glucose syrup. Then, it’s up to Mother Nature. For the bubbles to freeze before they pop, temperatures need to be well below freezing.

Jump in puddles

When it’s wet, dress up in  gumboots and  coats, and head outside to find the biggest puddles for jumping fun. Check out our boys’ and girls’rainwear range  from  Crywolf to really make a stylish splash.


Visit the beach

Although they won’t be splashing about in the water, a beach visit is still a winter must. From watching the waves crash at high tide, to building sandcastles, treasure hunts and more, the activities to keep them entertained really are endless. Check out our  10 fun beach activities for kids for some more ideas.


Go on a winter scavenger hunt

Grab the bucket and collect leaves, sticks, stones and shells from outside. You can paint them later on and make some great craft ornaments. For some added fun, choose a dark day to go on the hunt and have the kiddies pack a torch for an adventure with a twist. 


Fly a kite

The perfect activity for a windy day! Grab the kite and you’re off, off and away. No kite? No problem. Make the most of the wind and find a nice open space to chase leaves instead.

Our final tip:Dress the kids appropriately and remember, it’s all about the layering! Think dry, warm and comfy…all key when it comes to outdoor play. And, remember, fromcoats, topuffer vests,jackets, gumboots,beanies and more, Baby Bootique has got all your kids’ winter clothing and footwear covered.  Shop now!


What are your favourite winter activities to do with the kids? We’d love to hear about them.