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With the back-to-school countdown on, it’s time to start thinking about school shoes. Given that our kids spend more than 30 hours a week in their school shoes, it’s vital that they offer the right support, fit and comfort. That’s why we’ve put together our top four tips for buying school shoes, along with Baby Bootique’s most popular picks for 2019.

1. It’s all about the fit

Measure both feet, preferably in the afternoon, as feet are at the smallest first thing in the morning and tend to get slightly bigger as we move across the day. Remember to always accommodate the biggest foot. A well-fitting school shoe will be long enough to allow an index finger’s width between the largest toe and the end of the shoe, so always add 1-1.5cm growth room to your measurement.

The heel should fit snug without any slip, and the toe area should offer the right width without placing too much pressure. Never buy school shoes too big with the hope that they’ll grown into them.

2. Choose quality school shoes

Back-to-school is costly, but purchasing a quality pair of school shoes can actually be a money saver, as they won’t wear down as easily and need replacement. After the age of three, a kid’s foot will grow about half a size every six months.

This means that a quality pair of school shoes should usually last around nine months to a year. Look for sturdy soles that still offer flexibility where needed. Remember, leather uppers last longer and offer breathability too.

3. Avoid slip-on shoes and hand-me downs

Without a fastening function to keep small heels in place, slip-on shoes do not offer the proper support. Likewise, as shoes adapt and mould to an individual’s foot and walking style, putting your child in previously worn school shoes is also not recommended given the amount of time they will be wearing them.

4. Test for comfort

Great cushioning is key for comfort in any situation, whether standing, sitting or running around in lunch breaks. Make sure your child briefly walks around in the afternoon on the carpet to test out their school shoes before removing any labels or tags.

Baby Bootique’s top four school shoe picks

Check out our top school shoe picks below. You can shop the full range and more great back to school items here .


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  3. Saltwater Sandal– NavySaltwater Sandal Navy
  4. Old Soles New MarketOld Soles New Markert School Shoe