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Top tips for choosing baby’s first shoes


From first smile to first sleeping through the night, baby’s first year of milestones is something pretty special. And now to add to the list, it’s time to buy baby’s first pair of shoes. Whether your little one is bum scooting, crawling, just learning to walk or fully cruising around, here’s the lowdown on what you need to know. You’ll also find our top five baby shoe brands, which you can shop online at Baby Bootique now.


When does my baby needs shoes?


Your baby will need their first pair of shoes once they begin to walk which generally can be anywhere from 9-18 months. In the meantime, barefoot is always best whenever possible for a baby just learning to walk. However, for special occasions, cold weather or when out and about in the pram, you’ll most likely want to strap on some pre-walkers (also known as pram shoes) or soft-soles.


What to look for:


Whether you’re buying pre-walkers or walkers, it’s important to make sure the shoes meet the following criteria:

Lightweight and flexible

Look for baby shoes that are lightweight and flexible. You should be able to bend the toe of the shoe approximately 40 degrees with relative ease. Non-slip soles will help your little one grip the ground.

Secure closure and firm support

Ensure that baby’s shoes are secure, especially when walking. The shoes should also provide relatively firm support around the heel but not restrictive, along with padding or cushioning for added comfort.

Quality materials

Little feet are soft and delicate, and it’s important to provide the right support. Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to baby shoes. Look for soft, breathable materials, such as leather and microfibre leather.

Baby Bootique’s top five baby shoe brands


Endorsed by podiatrists and tested to international REACH standards for child safety, nobody does newborn, baby pre-walkers and baby walkers quite like Bobux.

Old Soles

Sitting, crawling or learning to walk, Old Soles offer total style. Soft and pliable shoes protect fragile feet and allow for unrestricted movement.

Pretty Brave

NZ designed. Quality leather baby shoes for little ones to wear and us to adore. No nasties are in their shoes so they really look after little feet. These shoes truly are divine!

Tip Toey Joey

Brazilian designed. Baby friendly footwear with the core design principle of comfort and protection. Every shoe is made with high quality leather and cushioned inner soles for comfort.

Little Blue Lamb

With a focus on affordability, Little Blue Lamb shoes offer quality and style for tiny feet.

No matter what your baby needs for their first shoes, Baby Bootique is sure to have you covered. Soft Soles, Pre-walkers to flexible rubber soles.