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Their first tooth. First words. First haircut. There are certainly some milestone moments in a baby’s first few years that are truly memorable. You’ll always remember their first anything, and their first pair of shoes will be no different.

Babies are naturally curious, and from the minute they begin standing upright and walking, you can bet your little one will be exploring the exciting world around them. As proud parents, you might be eager to put trendy and smart shoes on your little one’s feet. But when should your baby start wearing shoes? And which type of footwear is best suited to them?

We’re here to answer your questions – and fit your baby in the right shoes, whatever stage they’re at.

Your baby’s first pair

The walking stages are generally defined by three categories: newborn, pre-walker and walking.

  • Newborn: From birth – three months, your baby will be entirely dependent on you. At this age, they won’t really require shoes. However, when braving the cold outdoors or attending social events, your baby should be wearing booties.
  • Pre-walkers: Your little one is starting to find strength in their leg muscles, feet and toes. If they are slowly graduating from bum shuffling and crawling to standing, your baby may be better off barefoot so they can learn how to balance. If you’re particularly worried about letting baby roam around barefoot lest they hurt themselves on your furniture or are exposed to the cold floors in winter, your best option is to give your baby soft-soled and super flexible shoes. You’ll be looking for footwear that provides flexibility and breathability while being comfortable and lightweight.
  • Walking: By now, there’s no doubt about it – get your little one in a pair of shoes. And with such a cute range out there, you’ll no doubt be spoilt for choice. High-quality leather shoes are your best bet as they will allow your baby’s feet to breathe.

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Shoe styles for baby boys and girls

For your little rock star, you might want to consider:

For your little princess, here are a few options:

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