About Baby Bootique

Welcome to Baby Bootique


So you may have just stumbled across our page or be one of our avid customers and like what you see as you scroll through pages of awesome kids fashion.

I thought I would let you know what we are all about, giving you a bit of insight into how we became 'us'. I always like reading the about us page on businesses web pages so this is a bit the same but in more depth. Hopefully you find it interesting!!

Behind the scenes, is me who runs the show and my hubby who does all the technical support aka the computer geek. We have 3 beautiful boys, that are pretty much the reason for this business and are our 'testers'. If it doesn't pass that test we don't sell it!

We have been running Baby Bootique since late 2009 and It all started when I was pregnant with my second son and needed something else to do, crazy I know! We were in the process of buying my son who was 1 at the time his first pair of shoes. We bought a pair from a chain store, as you did and they were ugly, not only that but he just stomped around like he had bricks on his feet. I thought there has to be better shoes out there and then BAM we came up with the idea well my hubby did to start our own online business selling baby and toddler shoes that were great for kids feet.

We started with 4 brands and about 10 styles and now have way too many to count. It just keeps growing thanks to a slight shoe fetish I have!

Our shoes have to meet a strict criteria or we won't sell them.

- they need to be flexible for baby's and still have some give once they get into the toddler and kid age.

- they need to be quality so they last

-they need to look after your little one's feet as they grow.

Hence why the brands we sell such as Old Soles, Bobux, Tip Toey Joey and Saltwater Sandals as they have done their research and made sure all of these criteria have been met.

 I'm just as fussy with clothes and when we decided to branch out in 2013 into the big wide world of kids fashion, we still had high standards to be met. The clothes had to be good quality, durable, look after our kiddies and also look super cool! With brands such as Huxbaby, Milky, Anarkid and Band of Boys plus heaps more, I think we have achieved that.

So, we have created an online hub so to speak where you can come and get all you need to dress your little one, knowing it's the BEST! Well I think it is and I hope you do too :)

Jodi x