Baby Shower - Celebrating New Life

What is a baby shower? Well, let’s face it; a baby shower is a girly party where the guests bring a gift or gifts for the mum to be. A baby shower is a great way to celebrate your pregnancy and the new life you are carrying. Traditionally the baby shower is celebrated with female family and friends, however, in this day and age it doesn’t have to be a girls only event, why not invite some of the boys as well.

Much like a hens night for the bride to be, the expecting mother should ideally not be responsible for the organization of the baby shower. Someone close to the mum to be would hopefully take up the task, as the bride’s maids or matron of honor would for the hen’s night. Who exactly to invite and how many people varies from person to person and if the party is not a surprise, you can ask the mother to be who she would be comfortable with. She may want to consider family, friends, work colleagues and newly found friendships through antenatal classes.

A good time to have the baby shower is late in the pregnancy. If the expecting mum is aware of the sex of the baby then this can help when it comes to choosing a gift for her. It is common for a baby shower to carry some sort of theme, for example:
    Baby Book Theme: Ask all the guests to bring along their favourite childhood book or nursery rhyme or even a character from a book or nursery rhyme that was special to them as an infant.

For gift ideas, if you are buying some baby clothing, try not to get too many 0000 small newborn sized items as babies grow quickly and it's more than likely the baby will grow out of the smallest sizes very quickly. Soft sole baby shoes are an excellent choice for a baby shower gift, even if you choose baby shoes that are a little big, it won't be very long at all before they are the perfect fit.