First Time Mum Tips

Tips For The First-Time Mother

Having your first baby can be one of the most exciting times of your life. It is such a blessing and a previlidge to bring a child into the world. It can also be one of the most exhausting and testing times as well. It is a good idea to go into this time with the knowledge that it isn't all easy and happy times. Here are some thoughts we have put together for the first time mum to help you through the tougher times.

Many women become pregnant while they are in the work force and are faced with the decision of returning to work or to stay at home with the baby. There are a few main points to consider when making such an important decision, such as:

    1. The benefits to the child. Weigh up the pros and cons, looking at what best meets the babies needs in you circumstances.
    2. Income and the ability to provide for your baby.
    3. If you do return to work, who will look after your baby.
    4. If you decide to use child care, what portion of your wage will go towards care? Is it worth it?
It is a good idea to start planning for this during your pregancy and explore your options.

When the baby comes along it is important to make some time for yourself. Often first time mums can give up their life for the one that they are caring for. Take a night out for something you enjoy (a hobby, catch up with friends or family). This can also be a good way for the father or other family members to have some quality bonding time with your baby.

Being a mother should not be under estimated. Between feeding, doing the laundry, changing nappies and getting the child to sleep, there is often not much time left in the day for rest and relaxation. Being a full time mum is exactly that, A FULL TIME MUM.

It is also a good idea to make the most of the support and services available to you. Many local community centers and churches facilitate groups for new mothers and their babies. These are a great outlet and support, while also providing a good way to develope new friendships with other mothers. One way of easing the pressure is sharing tips and experiences with others new mums.