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Glossary of Terms


Ankle: The joint where the leg and foot meet.

Baby: The term used to refer to a very young child, usually between birth and 12 months old.

Blog: Short for weblog. See weblog.

Boot: A type of footwear that covers at least the foot and the ankle.

Bootique: Shoe store. A boutique or shop that specializes in footwear.

Boutique: A shop that specializes in a specialty or provides a focused service.

Boy: A young male

Cart: A virtual handcart or shopping cart that holds your goods while shopping online. Any goods added to the cart will remain there while browsing the online store.

Checkout: To pay the bill and submit one's order.

Chocolate: A shade of the color brown.

Compare: To assess the that which is similar and that which is diferent between two or more items.

Feet: Plural of foot.

Flexible: Able to bend or flex with ease and without breaking.

Foot: The outermost extemity of the leg, on which the body stands.

Girl: A young female.

Leather: Material made from an animal skin. The skin is made smooth and flexible by removing the hair and is then tanned.

Mary Jane: A type of sandal or strap shoe that has broad and rounded covered toes.

Price: The given value of something to be accepted in exchange for the thing itself.

Product: Something that is manufactured by human or mechanical effort or by a natural process.

Review: An evaluation. A general account of something.

Sandals: A type of open shoe that make use of straps to hold the sole of the shoe to the foot.

Shoe: An item of footwear originally designed to protect the human foot.

Size: The physical proportion or dimensions of something.

Sneakers: Leasure shoes, often worn during activity.

Sole: The underside or base of a shoe.

Soft: Something that yields easily to touch and changes in shape, not hard or stiff.

Sportie: Appropriate for doing sport or engaging in activity in.

Tag: A label given to something in order to indentify the item.

Toddler: A young child who is aged between 12 months and 2 years old, between infancy and childhood. The usual age of learning to walk is during toddlerhood.

Toddlerhood: The period of one's life in which one is a toddler.

Weblog: An online journal or commentary that is intended for the public.

Wishlist: A list of desired things.