Pregnancy Information Online

Pregnancy Information & Tips On The Internet

If you have become pregnant, it is most likely that you will have many questions about what pregnancy informational services are available in your area and indeed on the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web is full off information rich birth/pregnancy websites that can answer many of the questions that may come up for you. Many pregnant women have discovered this and relied heavily on the internet as a source of pregnancy information and tips over recent years.

One excellent example is WebMD, the WebMD website is a leading source of health and medical news and information (American based site). Also, the Better Health Channel is an Australian website that provides quality-assured, regularly reviewed, health and wellbeing information and services. These two examples have a wealth of information available for you, as well as many different pregnancy tips.

The Better Health Channel website has information ranging from advice about conceiving a baby, to pregnancy test and finding out if you are pregnant. You can also find information there about what sort of foods dieticians recommend the expecting mother should eat during pregnancy in order to ensure the nutritional needs of both mother and baby are met.  

In addition to pregnancy information for women, these informative websites also contain information that will answer men’s questions about pregnancy and his role during the pregnancy. There is male specific pregnancy information including things like how the male can assist his wife or partner in working through the pregnancy.

It is our opinion at Baby Bootique that when you are looking for information on the internet relating to your pregnancy that you start by looking at government websites, rather than commercial websites. The government websites are identifiable by the .gov in their domain name (eg: or A useful trick to only show government websites in your google results is to enter “” after your keyword, for example try entering “pregnancy” into google and have a look through the result.