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Welcome to Baby Bootique! We hope you enjoy browsing our collection of toddler shoes, please use the menus above (girls shoes, boy shoes, etc) to best find what you are looking for. Remember we are always here to help you with any queries, if you are unable to use the live chat box at the bottom right of the page, you can always leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Our Shoes & Service

Here at Baby Bootique we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and aim to provide a hassle free shopping experience for our customers. With this in mind we are constantly researching the international market for toddler shoes that are of a high quality, durability and toddler shoes that are conducive to your child's development, as they are taking their most important steps. We recommend that you review our customer service page where you can review our free shipping offer and returns policy, as well as other important information about our service.

Measure Your Toddlers Feet

With so many different styles and brands of kids shoes, it is important for you to measure your toddler's feet and use our size chart for the particular shoes that you are buying. Each pair of shoes has a size chart attached to the page, we have provided these individual size charts because different brands have different measurements (as with all footwear sizes vary slightly between manufacturers). To make it easy, we always recommend our customers write their toddler's measurements down before they start shopping, so once the kiddies have gone to bed they can enjoy some online shopping. We have some more info on measuring your kids feet here.